all children are giftedYour child, every child, has talent. That’s what I believe and that’s what I will be encouraging parents and teachers to nurture through this website and blog. If you’re wondering, “is my child gifted?” you will find the information presented here to be extremely useful.

Whether your child is still a toddler or a gifted preschooler or even an older child, you’ll be happy to know that it’s never too late to start working on those talents. Chances are, your child has already shown signs of being adept in one or more areas of life and these are what you’ll want to focus on first.

Finding Your Child’s Strengths

How do you find out what your child is good at? Through observation. It is very easy to work on other things when your child is occupied with something. Every parent relishes those quiet moments and takes advantage of them to have a little alone time or to get something done. However, if you pause for a moment and look at what the child is actually doing, you might be surprised to find that there is some talent right in front of your face.

Does your child enjoy humming to himself or listening to music? Is he playing with a toy piano or testing out sounds by hitting items with a block or stick? These can be signs of a highly attuned ear and you may have a small Mozart on your hands.

Is your little one meticulously creating things? Using random toys to set up a “house” or design a garden or playground for her playthings? While all children enjoy building towers with blocks, going a little beyond this may indicate that your child has a gift for design and art.

Do you catch your child challenging himself physically? If you have a little one who enjoys climbing bookshelves and is frequently found in precarious positions, chances are, you have a child with a gift in physical movement. Even though this might seem (and even be!) dangerous early on, it can turn into something very useful later in life.

Every child has a gift, but it’s often hard to see just what that gift is until you take the time to analyze it. The child who never stops asking questions and talking isn’t being annoying. She’s just talented with words. Maybe she will be a public speaker, a teacher or even a writer when she’s older. Don’t discount talent simply because it doesn’t currently look like something useful. Your child will grow and develop . . . hopefully with your support and nurture.

Your Nurture Matters

When a child is raised to believe in themselves and to bring their talents to the table, they will quickly grow and develop their gifts. This is why you often see children who appear particularly precocious. It’s not that they were blessed with an amazing talent from infancy, it’s that their parents or a teacher realized what potential they had and helped the child develop it to their utmost.

Please follow the blog and check back frequently, as I will be sharing my insights, as the mother of two gifted children right here on this page. I look forward to helping you discover your child’s amazing gifts.

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YOUR Child is Gifted