hidden talents

You have hidden talents, just like your children. There are many people who haven’t yet discovered their talents. However, the questions below will help you find out just what you are great at.

1. What makes you smile? The things that make us happy are often the things we are most drawn to. This is true for any age. For example, if you find yourself smiling over a new cookbook, you might be a talented chef. Enjoy snapping photos of your children? Your talent may be photography. If you enjoy scrapbooking, you might be drawn to photography. Do you enjoy making plans? Perhaps you could be an organizer. Someone interested in journaling might find their talent is in writing. The options are limitless.

2. What makes you forget about your problems? Everyone has a hobby or something that they use to eliminate all their problems, at least for a while. What’s yours? Do you enjoy sports to get your mind off things? Perhaps this is your talent. You could perhaps teach sports or play on a team. It could also indicate that your talent is perseverance. For someone who enjoys helping others, talents might include compassion or health abilities. You can put these to good use, as well. Try volunteering or finding an organization you can advocate for.

3. What do you complain about, yet still complete? When something is challenging, most people give up or just don’t start. However, if you have something that you enjoy doing, though you complain about it and work through the hard parts, that might just be something that you should be focusing on more often. An excellent example of this could be raising children. It’s a difficult job and something that many people complain about though they would never give it up. Your talent as a parent might be patience, perseverance, or even mental strength and ability to face challenges. If you complete your housework or another job that you dislike, your patience shows through and your talents could also include handwork.

4. Do you tend to be full of new ideas and energy? People who are constantly coming up with new ideas or find themselves full of energy are usually positively minded people. This bodes very well for moving forward with your search for hidden talents.

5. If you had all the money and time you needed, what would you wish for? Just imagine that you didn’t need more money or more time with your family. What your wish would be is a good indication that your purpose lies in that direction. If you wish you could travel, for example, you might have a knack for planning trips.

6. What do people praise you for? It can be difficult to admit that you’re good at something, so look at what other people think you’re good at. This could be your talent!

7. What do you enjoy doing, though it earns you no money? Would you sew for friends even if you didn’t make money? How about cooking or fixing things around the house? You could easily turn these skills into something more useful. Perhaps your hidden talent is being handy, providing food or simply helping people.

8. What do YOU think you’re good at? Sit down and make a list of everything you are good at. You probably have a pretty good idea and can come up with a list of “hidden” talents fairly quickly. Take some time to analyze your list and think about how you can put those talents to use. What is the hidden gift behind the talents you feel you have?

9. If you didn’t have to worry about other responsibilities, what would you focus on? Your answer to this question can be very revealing. It will let you know just what you need to be doing.

10. If you had to choose one thing to do for the rest of your life, what would it be? What is the one thing that you would never tire of doing? This is likely one of your talents.

Once you’ve discovered your hidden talents, ask your friends and family these questions and find out what theirs are. In fact, go ahead and share this list on your Facebook or other social media!


10 Questions to Reveal Your Hidden Talents