Every single child has a talent in something and as parents, it is our job to encourage those talents and help our children reach their full potential. If you’re wondering how you can help your child build his or her talents, here are a few ways to get started.

1. Show interest. Even if you’re not particularly fascinated by the things your child enjoys, showing a little interest will help boost their confidence. Ask questions about their chosen activity and engage them as they express their interest.

2. Provide inspiration. One of the best ways to encourage talent is to simply surround your child with examples of other talented people. This can be as simple as putting on music, taking children to plays, art shows and concerts or you might make a point of meeting locals who are talented.

3. Offer learning opportunities. While classes and lessons are the most obvious options here, children can learn from many different situations. For example, watching a video on fingering techniques can help a musically inclined child become more proficient, while an artistic one will pick up tips from chatting with an artist. Watch for learning opportunities; they abound.

4. Provide materials. If your child is excelling in art, make sure he is well supplied with everything he needs to create. Children who enjoy music should have access to instruments that are suitable for their age. Whatever your child enjoys doing and shows an interest in, do your best to ensure they have what they need in order to fully explore their interest.

5. Set a good example. Make sure you’re working on your own talents. Nothing is more encouraging to a child than seeing their parents putting in the time and practice necessary to hone their skills. Set an example of the behavior you would like to see in your children.

6. Live, eat and breathe your child’s interests. While you don’t actually have to do this yourself, allowing your children the freedom to obsess about what they truly love is a great way to boost their talents.

7. Encourage side activities. It’s good that your child lives and breathes their interest, but it’s also healthy to expand their horizons. Go ahead and show them related activities and strengthen their talents.

Each child has their talent, be it something obvious like athletic ability or musical skills, or something a little more abstract, such as kindness or compassion for others. Find out more of 10 Powerful Reason to Invest Your Time in Your Child.

7 Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Talents