What If My Child Doesn't Seem Gifted?
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What If My Child Doesn’t Seem Gifted? is the book for parents who want to raise children to reach their full potential. Every child is talented, but not every child is encouraged to build their talents. With the help of this book, both parents and teachers can learn to work with their children to bring out their talents.

If you’ve ever wondered “Is my child gifted?” this is the book for you. Each chapter offers advice to help adults encourage and motivate the younger generation as they learn what their gifts are and begin to nurture them.

While children all come with a gift of one kind or another, you can help your child reach his full potential by providing a nurturing environment for gifted learners. Once you understand the characteristics of gifted children and how to help them develop their talents, it will be very simple for you to spot the individual gifts given to your children.

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